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Why am I doing this! May 6, 2014

At the end of September I will run my first ever half marathon, When I first signed up it seemed a fantastic idea, a way for me to give a little back to an amazing unit at my local hospital that literally saved my daughters life, but as the weeks go by I have had major doubts of my actual ability to do this. It turns out I am not just running 13.1 miles, the training involved is time consuming and intense at times.

I am not a natural runner, I wouldn’t say I like it or enjoy it all that much, I have had to put myself in situations which has taken me out of my comfort zone with my anxiety issues, so why on earth did I pick this, why not just hold a cake sale?

The truth is I do like a challenge, and if I get a set of calf muscles along the way then bonus!

I never really considered the training involved too much, after all 13.1 miles isn’t that far right? well I tried walking it a while ago and I couldn’t find a route long enough, I was short by 5 miles!

I have recently signed up with a running group, which brought all sorts of challenges, the first main one was Anxiety, for a long time I have struggled with social situations, as soon as I am out of my comfort zone, I get myself into a state straight away, the build up is normally the issue, but sometimes it only takes a look, a noise or smell to trigger it off and I get to the point of shaking uncontrollably, being sick, and even sometimes passing out! Most people have never even noticed, I am pretty good now at covering it up, even though I feel like I am dying inside. The second issue was the actual running part, don’t get me wrong I have ran before and at one point I wasn’t too bad, but running has always been a struggle for me, let alone running with other people, how would I keep up, with really low fitness levels?

I started getting up at 5.30am to go for a quick mile run, although this lasted a week! I love my bed far too much so this has stopped for a little while until I can get my head in the right place again!

I have also signed up for a string of 5k and 10k events as well as London to Brighton bike ride. Also from today I am back with my Personal Trainer.

So is running my first half marathon actually worth it? I believe so as if the nurses couldn’t be bothered to train for their jobs then I wouldn’t have my daughter today. Yes it may be lots of pain, tears and fears of failure right now but when I cross that finish line in the best possible time I can then it will all be worth it!


The Dark side of Running!

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After 10 weeks of training, I finally started to get somewhere. I joined a few running groups after a lady called Hannah said I should come along whilst talking away on a local Facebook group. Searching for said group resulted in finding a few medway running groups, not sure of which one I needed to join. I joined them all. Thinking why not, the more the merrier right?. After all I need all the motivation I can get! 

I went on one run with a group lets call them (g1) and all seemed fine, a few days later I went on a run with another group, let’s call them (g2) and oh my you would think I had committed murder from the members of g1! The evening before, I was invited to go on an identical run as what I had arranged with g2 by g1, exactly the same time, location to the exact spot the lot. I thought it was a bit strange, but thought no more into it. As the days went by I noticed a pattern, every time g2 posted a run at anytime or location, g1 would write exactly the same within a few hours. When I got invited to the one last Thursday, by g1 I had my say, not in a nasty way at all, just saying that it seems to be a regular pattern, and hoping there isn’t a dark side to running clubs. They clearly didn’t like what I said, as I’ve been removed from their Facebook group, along with Twitter, I wonder why? at the end of the day, I don’t care who I run with as long as I have someone who can get my legs going.

It turns out that g1 was made by a few members that use to be part of g2, I don’t know what happened, to be honest I don’t care, but it’s left a sour taste with g1 members by the look of it.

The thing is it’s confusing, there are a lot of new runners wanting to join these groups, and both clubs will lose out in the end! G1 hand out cards and really put the pressure on you to join, they seem so competitive, g2 seem to be a really relaxed group they get members from word of mouth.

Why can’t everyone just get on?


Training Two Weeks In. March 5, 2014

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Although I have been keeping fit since the new year, it is only the second week of what I call real training, and it has most certainly had its hiccups. In 14 weeks I shall be taking part in London to Brighton Bike Ride and in 28 weeks I shall be completing my first ever half marathon, which I know is more then enough time to train, but I don’t want to just complete them, I want to get over the finish line in both events in the best possible time I can. I know my fitness levels have dropped a great deal so I am really having to push through at the moment.




Last week saw the return of the gym along with many other fitness based exercises as can be seen in a previous blog, this week was sort of the same. We went back to our gym in the first time in seven months! It doesn’t seem that long, but a lot has changed there, I did burst training on every cardio piece of equipment that the gym has to offer along with working on inclines as I need to get my legs strong, after a tiring cardio session we went for some weighted squats, I love these with a passion along with other weight work.

Yesterday I was really feeling the effects of all that work, but still managed a five mile run, although some sections were walking, and I even managed to jog up the famous 103 steps. Which I like to call the Rocky Challenge, we managed nearly all of them last week and this week I got up each and everyone in less then 50 seconds, although this time can be worked on as the weeks progress. at various points of the run I was sure I was going to be sick or pass out, but all good signs that I am pushing my body to my limit, but at the same time I wish I hadn’t pushed myself at the gym quiet as much, but I am one of these people who will never learn, if I don’t push myself enough I don’t see the point in starting it.

Today should mark a 20 odd bike ride but it has turned into a rest day, although I have been planning next week, and doing a lot of reading on training and food! The book I have is for a full Marathon, but I am doing the same for my half marathon as in all honesty the training programme seems do-able, although it is based on 16 week training programme week, so we shall be doing a few weeks twice! Tomorrow holds my first ever spin class, and Friday will be a bike ride, Saturday and Sunday I plan on sleeping through before starting all again on Monday!



Pancake Party March 4, 2014

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I love pancake day, I love pancakes and I love what pancake day is in our house. A time to get together with family and create these yummy creations.


This year I mixed things up a bit, we had the usual plain pancakes, but I also made healthier versions for myself, although I am fully aware that no pancake will truly be healthy, but I try! Along with chocolate ones and red and green pancakes as well.



We really did indulge. Well when I say we I mean my kids, I was good after having just one, my son on the other ate far to many and wondered why after eating a mix of honey, nutella, sugar and lemon he felt a tad sick.



First week of training February 27, 2014

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In 15 weeks I am taking part in the British heart foundation London to Brighton bike ride, and in September my first half marathon this week the first official week of training after 8 weeks of hit and miss.



I’m not going to lie it has hurt, still one day to go and not even trying the best we could right now. What has hurt more is today the first day of going back (and hopefully sticking to) a healthy well balanced diet, in all honesty I am more than likely addicted to sugar I love it. Evenings I want nothing more then eating ridiculous amount of chocolate sweets and drinking fizzy pop. I haven’t always been like it but the last six months I have struggled more than likely boredom has a role.



Tuesday marked our first run, we are not at a point yet were we can jog the whole route we are currently doing, but slowly we are getting there and hopefully next week when we work on pace and strides it should get easier for a while at least. We did 6.2k in 57.05 really not a great time we have done so much better then that before, but considering the wind and rain and running the dreaded steps, it gives us a time we can easily improve on.


Wednesday saw a very hilly boggy route of 20.6k in 2.06.11 although this included breaks as I forgot about the app running in my bag! 317m elevation gain and 298 elevation loss Again easily able to improve on this. May need to stop doing my favourite downhill, off road section of route 17 and concentrate more on roads, but they are just not as fun, I like mud! And I love this route it’s fast it’s bumpy and its exciting.

Today marked our first day back at the gym, to be greeted with sorry we are closed. But we knew we had to get back into gym routines even if we just did some cardio anything is better then nothing. We headed for the nearest leisure centre and luckily you can get day passes. Now I know how to use every bit of equipment at my gym not at this one, and it was harder to keep a good record of what we did. I did two 25 minute treadmill sessions half of each session was spent on trying to get a better pace and get the heart pumping the second half was high elevation gains at lower speed. 2 sessions of 15 minutes on the cross trainer on a highish setting, I love the cross trainer and the last time I had my personal trainer session he informed me that my normal pace on this machine is that of a sprint which Is nice to know, as I know I’ve got the potential just need to build on endurance. 30 minutes on the bike low setting normal steady pace, and then weight training.


Again all can be monitored better and improved on when I go to my normal gym on Monday.

I have a 10 mileish flat route planned for the bike tomorrow depending on weather and then other then a few squats it will be 2 days off to recover before next week’s harder training plan. Which I have got to stick to.


Wandering around Wingham, February 26, 2014

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As part of my penguin experience I was able to explore the rest of the park. It has changed so much since the last time I went, 6 years ago! there was only some otters and a handful of snakes, spiders and other creatures I don’t like all that much. Now its full of a great selection, ranging from butterflies to lions, tigers and of course penguins. A lot of these animals have been rescued and some of there stories are hard to read, I actually got emotional reading about the lions.


We all had our favourite bits, my monkey mad son loved the monkeys especially when one scared us on purpose and was sitting behind the glass laughing it’s head off. My daughter liked a few and for a hard to please 11 year old I was in shock. As I was expecting her far too cool for such place.




There was all sorts of birds roaming freely including beautiful peacocks


If you live in Kent and you haven’t been to Wingham wildlife park you really need to. Great value, fantastic staff and a top day out for all the family.


Flapping around!

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I am a huge penguin fan, from the moment I learnt about them being little romantic fellas and how they share parenting, just got me hooked!


For my 30th birthday I was over the moon when I got a penguin experience, and the other week I got to do it. It was simply out of this world! I got to be in their pen, feed them get nibbled by them (not so nice) and even touch one. The keeper was great and provided me with all sorts if information.

At Wingham they tag them so they know who is who. I couldn’t keep track of them all but they were all so adorable and different in there own ways.







They feel so strange like leather in a way but old leather that has worn and wrinkled slightly.





This has got to be one of the best experiences I have ever done, and until I win the lottery and get my own pet penguin/s (named Pen and Gwyne)  I have this memory.



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